TeamViewer Tensor Now Available

TeamViewer Tensor Now Available

TeamViewer is known around the world as a powerhouse of connectivity, and has just recently announced that the new TeamViewer Tensor is now available. This is a new platform for SaaS that allows support, collaboration, control and remote access. It caters specifically to large corporations that have very specific requirements so that their workforce can be connected around the world. New functions are now available, that are set specifically to the enterprise class, and includes such things as capabilities for mass deployment, comprehensive log reporting and advanced authentification management.

The cloud based TeamViewer Tensor serves to meet the enterprise demand with greater security and flexibility when compared to servers that are installed on the premises. There are more than one thousand routers that make sure users will experience quick performance and deployments on the grand scale. Furthermore, it is important to note that these can be running in mere minutes, and it absolutely no costs invested for additional hardware.

TeamViewer’s CEO, Oliver Steil, said that with TeamViewer, there is a broader feature set, the ability to serve more platforms and more installations and sessions for remote access. He further states that TeamViewer Tensor stands on the strength of these as a way to help enterprises to have the most state of the art experience as well as increased productivity.

Connectivity that is secure has become a major factor for businesses around the world. In fact, surveys conducted recently show that more than half the companies polled in the United States alone say that factors critical to their business are the ability to offer support and remote access.

For security purposed, Tensor uses SAML 2.0, which offers better management, centralization and security. It also helps to control logins for accounts and updates user changes with no need for additional input. For better auditing, you will find comprehensive logging offers audit trails and documentation. Companies can even collect logs of relevant actions across the board, remotely. Tensor is also very manageable, connecting PC’s to and mobile to PC and works across a wide variety of operating systems, including Blackberry, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux.

Large organizations can often utilize many different platforms, and TeamViewer Tensor integrates quickly and easily with most of them. For example, it works well with Ninja, Amazon WorkSpaces, SeviceNow, Freshdesk, Microsoft Intune, MobileIron and many more. With TeamViewer Tensor, users are easily empowered to connect in new ways.

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