TeamViewer Tidbits and Other Information

TeamViewer Tidbits and Other Information

Recently, TeamViewer expanded integrations for secure remote access for Watson as well as IBM MaaS360. Now, with this expansion in place, administrators will find that they can access devices with both Windows and Android platforms with no input from the end user. This information came via press release.

Unattended support is now offered for iOS, Windows 10 and 10 Mobile, Windows 8, Windows 7 as well as macOS an iOS. Later this year, the company looks to add even more support for unattended platforms, and more information will be forthcoming as that news is released.

Technical issues can be fixed when companies gain access to hand held devices, kiosks, digital signs, points of sale and more. A statement was issued by Alfredo Patron saying the company was excited to offer this IBM release, enabling customers to manage these devices remotely, which can greatly reduce the amount of downtime they experience. The business development vice president also stated that they are looking forward to offering even more innovations and market solutions in time.

TeamViewer also sponsored a research project to explore ways in which remote assistance software was being utilized throughout the United States. A company known as Research Now SSI, carried out the project, accessing responses from 200 secure IT decision makers from large organizations, business owners and heads of other industries as well.

The president of TeamViewer stated that research was scarce on the topic of the importance of secure remote assistance. He said the company had a desire to understand the reasons that solutions for remote assistance were chosen and also what more of the related market needs might be, also. One of the greatest findings was the fact that remote assistance was used as a way to improve the efficiency and ability to solve problems for their customers and to make the customers overall experiences much better. It is often found that professionals who offer this kind of support are more often being asked to access little with bigger results, and this seems to be one way in which that need is being met.

Research was also conducted as to which features were preferred in remote access bundles. The most common answer to this question was the ability to video conference, followed by meeting solutions, and finally, audio conferencing came in third on the list of top answers. TeamViewer is seeking to meet all those needs.

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